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My Friend Made Barry Manilow’s Day Which Made His Day Too.

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I think my friend Ian Owles was the lighting camera man on this video and Barry Manilow told him afterwards that he felt no one had made him look that good before. Ian had a secret he couldn’t tell anyone, and his secret was that he was colour blind. So on film sets he’d ask others what they thought about certain red / green combinations

For ten years Ian had worked as a camera assistant, and then he went on one of those personal development courses. He dragged me along to one of their meetings but I felt uncomfortable, it wasn’t for me, but it helped him. After the course he changed his job title from Camera Assistant to Cameraman and immediately got offered work at five times the amount he had previously been paid. Within a year he had enough money to buy a second house outright.

One day he told me his Chinese Herbalist had said that his Chi levels were really low, so he got a check-up and soon after he was diagnosed with cancer. He died in a very short period of time after that. The last time I saw him I kissed his on his forehead and he looked at me and said “What are you doing that for?” I was going away for a couple of weeks and I knew he probably wouldn’t make it that long. On the night of his death I had a dream where he was telling me that he was alright now and I wasn’t to worry.

Ian was the first person to encourage me to do music (some of you may want to berate him for that). He was always very encouraging and taught me how important it is to help develop people’s talents rather than attempt to quash them. He put his money where his mouth was too, funding my first foray into recording. I still have one of his guitars, it sits in my front room and gets played on many of my songs, not by me though, I don’t play guitar. People always say it hurts their fingers to play it, that’s probably why he gave it to me.

Anyway someone wrote something to me about Barry Manilow and it reminded me of Ian so I thought I’d mention him


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