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US Tour 2003

Day 3

The journey started today, however it was with a bit of a whimper. The cats, the car, New York, the weather and Larry and I, we all whimpered. As we drove across to Manhattan with the cats meowing, the sky drizzling, New York looking a bit quiet and wet , the car decided to lurch at every gear change.

Cars on Bridge

Maybe because of logic or more likely a deep sense of frustration Larry decided to get out of New York and look for a garage, rather than turning back to his regular one.

Good-bye to Liberty (Yeah yeah I know it’s a groaner)

We got out of New York and found a town near Allentown which had a dealership for Larry’s car. We half expected to be told to come back next week and when they said they’d have a look we thought they’d tell us it was a job that may take several days. Fortunately this wasn’t the case and after a four hour wait they sent us on our way.

Normally no one talks to me in a waiting room. Have a cat in a box and every one does.
“Is that a kitten?”, “Yes”, “how old is it?”, “17 years old”.

“Hooray Hooray we’re finally on our way” I thought, then the storm hit us. The water was coming down so fast that most cars were pulling up. It was almost impossible to see the road. But when you’ve been held back a few days such obstacles are mere hindrances sent to test one. We drove on.

Who cares if you can’t see the road. Just follow the red lights ahead!

more water

Finally I get to drive. “Am I going too fast Larry?”

Who says mountains never really look like this?

View from our motel room. Picturesque or what?

It’s been a slow day and we have an early start tomorrow so it’s just a quickie tonight, sorry.